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Phone: 780-539-7522

Address: 10105-97 Avenue (downtown location - 2nd floor)


Jenifer Spencer / Program Coordinator  

 Mamewpitaw is a Cree word meaning “Family Gathers Together Again”.

Mamewpitaw is an early intervention program for families at risk or families who desire reunification. It works with the traditional teaching of the Aboriginal Medicine Wheel that tells us people are made up of four parts: spirit, emotion, mind and body. Through these four components, a person can see, feel, know, and do.

In partnership with the Children & Family Services Authority, this program provides opportunities to improve the wellbeing and self-reliance of urban Aboriginal people involved with Region 8 Child and Family Services.

Cultural Teachings

The Mamewpitaw team provides support guided by the Seven Sacred Teachings: Love, Courage, Humility, Wisdom, Honesty, Truth, and Respect. Through this foundation, we are there to meet the needs of the children with respect, mutual goals, and the intent of gathering families together.

The foundation and strength of all programs and services depends upon sharing information from local culture and tradition, including elders teachings, cultural healing and ceremonies.

Family Enhancement Programs

Life Skills

The main focus of life skills coaching is to work on goals set out by the case worker and the client by enhancing their parenting skills, confidence, and understanding of child development so they are better able to meet their children’s needs.

Parenting Between Two Worlds

The main goal for this program is to teach respect, belonging, love, honoring, humility, courage and wisdom by way of parenting that combines a traditional view and the western view. The program focuses on collaborative relationships, safe visitations and teaching circles.

Connecting Champions

This program provides youth in care or at risk with healthy, youthful and cultural role models. The role models provide services to youth that may reside in foster homes, kinship homes, group homes, or live independently.